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The basics of online promotion | Search engines

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By , 8 December 2011 09:53

One of the most expected at the Stazione Leopolda in Florence during the course of BTO, is no doubt that he saw the main George Taverniti, founder of GT Forum - The most famous and popular community of experts and specialists who deal with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in Italian – and himself a great expert in the field.

The interest aroused in relation not only to specialists in that field, but many Managers of tourist facilities has been given its own dall'argomento examined:

how to promote an accommodation on Google?

This session discusses the major strategies have been adapted to various facilities, applicable in a fair and sustainable, for make visible their activities within Google using techniques that can be usefulzzare.

Since I know from experience that even though search engines and visibility of these (speak especially of the most famous and used, Google just), are an important subject but at the same time not easily understandable to many, if not after an adequate depth of field, I thought to provide the basics that will be useful to better understand what it is and why SEO is so important for our sites.

To do it follow a path (distributed in several articles) that explains in simple but detailed the basics of starting position by defining;


They are great archives of web pages whose job is to deliver relevant results to the research that you are focusing on any theme at that time our interest.

These files are organized through the use of mathematical algorithms who draft.


This is the function most commonly used when accessing Internet, worldwide.

As for our country today, the percentage of Italians who use them while you are navigating around 98%.

A high percentage because these are absolutely the most effective tool for searching and finding information, a fact that we are interested in a particular way is what refers to as a 86% of those who engage in this research, do it to obtain essential information targeted to the purchase of a product or service.

It is clear though this is important for those working in tourism and hotel extras, which devolved to online advertising through their sites, the greater or lesser number of requests that can be received from this channel.

For those interested in more information about the statistics concerning the search engines in Italy, Having said that it is not easy to have precise data on the user effective Google, can deepen through two companies that deal with this:

This is an Italian company that offers data treated fairly.

The advice is do not go directly on their site but search on google "data Audiweb" (these are released on a monthly basis).

It's’ can also perform a search by specifying a period, eg; Data Audiweb December 2011.

Alexa Instead it covers the U.S., but most nations.

As for the search engines we will focus on Google it reigns supreme in Italian and all’estuary, But making an exception for countries like Russia, China, many Arab countries and Asian, un'alfabeto using different engines that have specific. (the Italian version of the engine), reached in August 2011 about 26 million monthly visitors.


We carry a definition taken from Wikipedia.

A search engine is an automated system that analyzes a set of data, often collected by him, and returns a table of contents available ranking them based on mathematical formulas that indicate the degree of importance on a given search key.

In the next article will conclude to deepen the knowledge necessary to learn about search engines to create the foundations for a better understanding of what is SEO and how it can help us improve and make more effective the site that belongs to us with the benefits that it offers for our business.

Search Engines for Blogs | Technorati

By , 23 November 2011 18:39


Taking advantage of the fact that I'm completing the entry of this blog Technorati I take this opportunity to give some information that I hope you come back to help those who do not yet know.

Cos’é Technorati?

It is a search engine that produces results in near real time, devoted mainly to blog but has extended to social media and other communication tools its services; specifically anything that can be distributed online via RSS feed.

The term comes from the union of Tecnological and Literati (in Italian as intellectuals tecnoligici).

But why is it considered so important by the blogosphere?

Let's start by saying that it is an excellent resource for those who have a blog or a website to direct toward this targeted traffic using the Tag.

The Tag is the system used to categorize the topics that sites or blog who register on Technorati treat.

It's’ can categorize posts, immagini, link, etc.. with any label you want.

One of the most interesting aspects of the service offered concerns the rank and Technorati Authority.

It's’ a value of great importance for each blog, because it represents the extent to which the public expresses interest in the web content it contains and is held in high regard by all search engines, google in the first.

The next step of starting up a blog is to provide to make it visible, results that we resolved to obtain in creating in fact depend largely on the achievement of this goal (provided that the arguments contained in it are of high quality and worthy of attention).

To introduce the world to our blog and it is important to enroll indexed by Technorati.

How do?

Registration is not complicated, Simply create an account and follow the procedures that are indicated.

You will be sent to the e-mail address you indicated that you provide a code then to simply insert a new post in your blog.

Once published, back to your Technorati account and terminate the validation.

A suggestion!

If you set the partial reading of your articles in RSS feeds you will need to place the code at the beginning of the post to allow the scanning from the search engine.


Tourism demand and supply meet online

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By , 14 November 2011 01:48

The supply and demand, represented respectively by the tourists and the facilities designed to receive, have in common the need to refer to channels that allow for their meeting.

The first fact they want to find the destination that best meets their needs or desires while the second to put himself in a position to be found.

Today more and more, what they see greater development in satisfying both requirements is represented by Internet and the advantages it offers for this purpose many times higher than any other means;

  • is easily accessible by a growing number of users
  • is globally widespread and allows the display of the offer – with the consequent possibility of being accepted – with a few clicks.

These are the major premises that make the Managers of activities dedicated to the lodging industry (but not only), can not but be considered to be present with their own property online, rather, I would say that they are now obliged to do so if they want to sustain and increase their business.

Even those who are present for some time on the market, can not and should not limit its growth opportunities by relying only on word of mouth – that although functional places limits – or delegating their presence on the web OTA (portals that offer visibility and booking services asking, as consideration, a percentage of the cost of living).

Dedicate a portion of its resources to the promotion done by a well-designed personal website – if supported by the quality of real-tied to the structure and services provided, produces effects in the medium and long term objectives that should – in almost all cases – far beyond expectations.

Then there are the steps required to follow to ensure that your site can become the main means of promoting your business.

L’search engine optimization is essential to provide good visibility as well as the inclusion of good content, and the ability to update, to offer an additional service to those that, visiting your area perhaps for the first time, can be informed about the major attractions that this city offers, and events that take place.

To get good results and the greatest possible benefits from your site you should consider to turn to professional experts.

Small and medium-sized structures are those that have most difficulty in allocating a portion of their budget for this purpose, but it is also true that those who are most in need given the fierce competition.

Although I know of several managers who, with commitment and good will, have achieved good results by applying the technique of DIY, a good site Internet and the relative positioning are not for everyone.

Improvise in this can represent a considerable loss of time and cause the dispersal of resources and energy that should be used instead to optimize the management of.

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