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B&B Day | Una notte gratis nei Bed and Breakfast italiani

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By , 24 January 2012 22:29

It's’ now in its sixth edition, the B&B Day, the day dedicated to bed and breakfast italiani.

A promotion designed to raise awareness of the general public that these structures with an increasing value for money can already count on a large loyal customer base, careful and aware.

The initiative, promossa da – che insieme a, and represents one of the most important and popular tourist portals specializing in the hospitality extra-hotel – collects each year a great success, thanks to the quality standards that B&B propose.

These are constantly being improved without compromising the excellent value for money in the market place that contributes to this form of Stays.

They grow more and more number of fact, in this type of structures, those that are classified within a medium / high of’Italian tourism creating a network of its widespread throughout that will appeal to different consumer with a need, more personal and intimate to travel, either for pleasure or for business.

The B&B day be held, As has become tradition, the first Saturday of the month of March.

This year the date is set for Saturday 3 and those who book for the weekend or several days can avail of a free night during their stay at one of the structures that join the initiative.

The result is twofold, both for users and for operators;

  • for the first fact is a very welcome incentive to take advantage of a longer time to be devoted to their vacation could use a very favorable discount;
  • for managers it is a long-term investment that can be known and appreciated both by normal – fidelizzandola further – desirable that new customers, all with a very affordable investment spending, for everyone.

We must not forget that one of the difficulties often encountered by managers microactivities accommodation is given by the limit of their budgets for operations marketing the promotion of its structure.

Adhering to this initiative, considered that the echo is given by the most diverse distribution channels for news (also Corriere della Sera devotes ample space), managers have access to an opportunity that can score.

You doing? Join?

Tourism | New perspectives and opportunities for operators

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By , 5 December 2011 08:40

We have just completed in the fourth edition of Florence BTO (Buy Tourism Online), a highly educational event dedicated to those who work in the tourism sector 360 °; from large corporations to small business owners and managers of related activities such as tourist accommodation bed and breakfast and farms, just to give an example.

Obviously the economic crisis that is sweeping the’Europa and not only, has influenced many of the arguments proposed.

The fear that this has serious repercussions across the compartment relevant to travel and holidays is a very sensitive, but in the themes debated ensued a message of hope that makes, with due caution, a confident attitude if not optimistic.


If it is true that the difficulties derived from the financial difficulty of many Countries belonging to’European Union in addition to those of U.S. – which represent an important percentage of the tourism market interested in visiting our area - they fear a reduction of flows to the’Italian, it is equally true that there are new realities in strong growth.

Countries like Brazil, the China and l’india are having at the moment and will certainly continue to have it for years to come, are having at this time, and the increasing number of visitors from these nations, eager to discover and learn about the world that until a few years ago, was denied, is creating a market of considerable proportions, really interesting and attractive to all operators in the sector.

Our Country, by offering unique attractions derived from its historical heritage as well as its location and geography, is able to draw toward this interest with the consequent benefits that we can imagine.

In order to successfully achieve this goal but we must understand that it becomes essential to ask in a position to effectively communicate our proposal and surely the most suitable for this purpose is represented by Internet.

Use the web offers a number of benefits that was unthinkable a few years ago have.

The computer network allows a quality of communication and consequently its diffusion that knows no geographical boundaries, is usable by many and able to reach millions of people around the world.

In order to make the most of this medium and obtain the desired results and benefits becomes important to take into consideration a fact; is no longer sufficient to simply one Presenza online through a website which, if not taken care of graphics and content and who do not get the right visibility in search engines using techniques SEO (Search Engine Optimization), frustrates attempts to reach the goal we have set ourselves, or, get more customers.

It must therefore devised a plan of marketing, in which to optimize its offer to spread it in the most appropriate manner to an audience that, according to its characteristics and requirements, genuinely interested in us.

It remains undisputed that the small tourist facilities which may be the ones we have mentioned above, have more difficulty in finding resources for individual promotion compared to large Hotels, but certainly the costs associated with a disclosure of their Brand Spread across an efficient communication, through the use of technology, is now enabled all.

It goes without saying that in order to enhance the transmission of a message and especially to confirm the goodness, then you have to meet the expectations that have been created, and this is achieved by direct contact, taking care of the human relationship with the customer we chose.

Care of their structure so, availability, courtesy, carefully designed to meet the need for assistance in finding appropriate information on the area that hosts them, offer travelers how to confirm the correctness oftheir choice and be satisfied, leading them to further disseminate the message in a positive way and we sent.

There are certainly many things to do in Bel Paese, by both institutions, that they have to create suitable infrastructure dedicated to tourism by both private, which can also make a significant contribution to development through their behaviors oriented to improve its image.

Interventions and actions that have been neglected for too long and are the basis of our ability and willingness to get out of a difficult situation, key elements that will allow us to go back to being competitive in the international.

BTO – Buy Tourism Online edizione 2011 Florence

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By , 20 November 2011 23:54

Si svolgerà anche quest’anno nella bellissima Florence la quarta edizione di Buy Tourism Online.

Rischiavo di perdere questo evento a causa di una lunga sosta a Tenerife per questioni di lavoro …e di piacere.

Una serie di sfortunate coincidenze hanno fatto sì che rientrassi in largo anticipo e così potrò partecipare ad uno degli appuntamenti più importanti in Italian legati al settore del turismo.

Non tutto il male viene per nuocere quindi.

Questa mattina (ma sarà un caso) l’aereo per Madrid ha decollato con solo un’ora e mezza di ritardo e quindi ho perso la coincidenza per Rome e ora mi ritrovo a spese dell’Iberia (la compagnia aerea spagnola) in una camera del Meììa Barajas hotel per una sosta forzata.

So I do not know how to call the following of chance that I will definitely still be present (we hope …with the necessary incantations) to the BTO.

But what is the BTO?

It's’ the reference event in the Italian completely focused on the themes of the complex relationship between people and the journey.

Who is it for?

  • Mainly for those who want to increase their skills
  • Operators of the long chain tourist accommodation bed and breakfast, farms, owner, hotel managers, Tour operators, Travel Agents, bathing, camping services
  • Who is responsible for the governance and tourism in the territories
  • Those who study and do research
  • Those who work and work in services and tourism marketing.

They are well 11 topics addressed during the marathon that information will be held in two intense days and that is the 1st and 2 December.

Buy Tourism Online rappresenta an indispensable opportunity to learn, deepen, connect, with the themes and the protagonists of the Travel Online.


In one fell swoop gathered together names and figures of all respect that represent the most authoritative exists today in the international world of web media, characters that make school and make available to the large audience present their experience.

An example? In order utterly confused;

Giorgio Taverniti, Giacomo Billi, Michele Aggiato, Melvin Bocher, Francesco Cannone, Roberta Milano, Fabrizio Pappalardo, Michela Simoncini, Giulia Hermit …and many others!

There will also Salvatore Menale founder of Propaganda Advertising – advertising agency web oriented – founder and CEO of BedandBreakfastMania - Tourist portal dedicated to Bed & Breakfast – as well as estimated blogger.

Sara speaker part focus “Investment strategies for small budgets” and give valuable advice on how to be visible online without having great resources available, a topic of particular interest to small business owners and managers Bed and Breakfast.


Not intervene but you will certainly appreciate.

Situated within the Stazione Leopolda is a great place with a great history – housed in 1861 the first National Exhibition inaugurata da King Vittorio Emanuele II attended by more than six thousand exhibitors in various fields of the arts, Science and Italian industries (sarà un caso?) - a few steps from the heart of Florence.

So if I'm not a meteorite falls on his head see you at the BTO.


Dopo Lavoro un duro Nasce Bacheca Gestori

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By , 10 November 2011 13:00

L’inizio, quasi casuale, dell’attività di gestore di una struttura turistica ha contemplato, nel mio caso, oltre ai necessari adempimenti anche una piacevole e proficua esigenza tecnica:

La ricerca di informazioni atte a sviluppare le conoscenze del settore, ad acquisire le giuste competenze per condurre al meglio l’attività stessa.

Si è trattato di un percorso iniziato oltre dieci anni fa e che continua, alimentato sopratutto da una grande passione.

Mediante la ricerca informatica sono riuscito a trovare quello che rispondeva alle mie esigenze:

molti professionisti

dotati di diverse specificità che operano nel WebMarketing turistico.

Questi esperti offrono materiale informativo prezioso e lo mettono a disposizione di tutti coloro che desiderano utilizzarlo. Si tratta di diverse figure professionali, che vanno dai titolari delle agenzie di Web Marketing agli esperti a vario titolo nel settore.

It's’ un interessante microcosmo che contribuisce ampiamente alla formazione di molti;

la conoscenza di altri gestori, i quali trovano negli spazi loro offerti da forum tematici il modo di interagire e scambiarsi esperienze e conoscenze direttamente acquisite sul campo.

Queste dinamiche comunità costituiscono un valido ausilio per l’intero comparto turistico del nostro Paese, riuscendo anche a sopperire alle carenze e a colmare i vuoti che le istituzioni, sovente, lasciano nel campo informativo.

Esse rappresentano anche un bellissimo esempio di spirito di collaborazione e condivisione che approda a risultati tanto pratici quanto etici.

I primi mi hanno entusiasticamente coinvolto nello studio del Marketing Turistico e delle sue varie componenti. Il lavoro svolto in collaborazione con un’agenzia di servizi per il web, a cui mi rivolsi quando decisi di dare un nuovo impulso alla mia attività, ha determinato risultati immediati, evidenziando l’importanza della promozione online;

quest’ultima, se ben gestita, produce riscontri che piccole e medie strutture non avrebbero nemmeno potuto pensare di ottenere in un’epoca senza Internet, date le limitate risorse che di norma è possibile destinare a soli fini promozionali e di visibilità.

La crescita incessante del numero di cyber-utenti, in fact, ha prodotto e produce significativi cambiamenti nei costumi in ambito turistico. La differenziazione sempre più ampia delltourism, operata anche sul territorio italiano con l’avvento dei Bed and Breakfast e degli Agriturismi, ha consentito un’ampliamento dell’utenza proveniente da tutto il mondo e interessata alle molteplici attrattive per cui l’Italia è famosa.

Una grande percentuale di tali turisti si affida ad internet per la ricerca dei luoghi da visitare e delle strutture in cui soggiornare, prenotando agevolmente, con un click, dal proprio paese di origine.

I secondi hanno rappresentato una valida guida nel difficile percorso della conoscenza del cliente, delle sue esigenze, delle sue aspettative e della sua ottimale soddisfazione, attraverso l’offerta non di un semplice servizio, ma di un servizio qualitativamente impeccabile.

Ciò comprende la capacità di relazionarsi, di offrire un’assistenza adeguata e, cosa importantissima, trasmettere il senso e il calore dell’ospitalità.

Essere stato un viaggiatore, offre il vantaggio di vivere il turismo da entrambi i punti di vista; il confronto tra gestori, tuttavia, è determinante per comprendere ulteriori ed eventuali aspetti che, As in all things, possono sfuggire.

La decisione di proporre questo spazio nasce dal desiderio di ampliare l’offerta già esistente mettendo a disposizione le esperienze e le competenze maturate in anni di studio e di pratica nel settore turistico.

Una bacheca, just, dedicata ai gestori, al fine di pubblicare informazioni sul Marketing, gestione, search engines, SEO, SEM e tutto ciò che è necessario per iniziare o migliorare la propria attività, but not only!

Sarà possibile per chi lo desidera, utilizzare tale spazio, oltre che per commentare gli articoli, per inviare e veder pubblicate (tramite l’apposito modulo di contatto in fondo alla pagina) le proprie storie ed esperienze gestionali, le proprie riflessioni, per rivolgersi ad altri gestori e sottoporre un problema o una soluzione, raccontare il percorso fatto per arrivare al successo e conseguente soddisfazione personale.

Tale bagaglio di conoscenze rappresenterà non solo uno stimolo ed un incoraggiamento a coloro che intendono ancora crescere professionalmente, ma anche un segnale di trasparenza nei confronti dei viaggiatori che visiteranno Board Managers.

I viaggiatori, a loro volta, potranno conoscere meglio le realtà legate al mondo dell’offerta turistica e indirizzarsi così verso una scelta più attinente alle loro aspettative al fine di rendere ancora più piacevole il loro viaggio e la loro esperienza.


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